The Burden of Tomorrow

by Mothermound

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The group’s origins reach way back into 1995 when they were active as a trio under the name of Expulsion. Until their disbandment in 2005 they released two demo recordings and an album entitled ‘In These Glorious Epitaphs’. They reunited in a new line-up in 2009, this time as a four piece with a new name. Music-wise they continue to stick to the previously set guidelines, a sort of progressive mixture of doom and death metal with a hint of rock.

Mothermound is:

Martin Čujec: Drums
Miha Jukič: Guitar
Tomaž Orač: Guitar
Janez Zega: Bass/Vocals


released November 22, 2013

Guest musicians:
Nika Hribar: flute on 'Aurora Awaken'
Jovana Backović: vocals on 'Curtains Fall'

Produced by Mothermound
Recorded and mixed at Gumakura Studio, Tolmin, Slovenia
by Janez Zega, assisted by Dejan Sarič
Mastered by Marko Turel, Phonda studio, Slovenia

Music written and performed by Mothermound
Lyrics written by Janez Zega



all rights reserved


Mothermound Tolmin, Slovenia

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Track Name: Aurora Awaken
I dream of stories long since told
And wait for revelations kept within them to unfold
Amazed I look at the creations
Spawning from a broken mold

Their truth enlighten me forevermore

Reluctant to reveal you secret-most desires
And to confess after what bliss your wandering heart aspires
Your pious hands and skin of faith are burning
In the heat of purging fires

Their truth devour you forevermore

Beyond the brilliant steps awaits temptation
And signs of a divine manifestation
I marvel at the sight of this grotesque creation
And relish the thought of its end

In expectation of the first of many flame-lit dawns
With fear we set our eyes upon a shining portal
We dare not praise the heart from which it grows
And shun the hope that it can render us immortal

Awaken the enchanted silver-footed queen
Reflections dancing on the waters sinister
Foretelling an eternity of suffering
The veil of mourning drops into the night serene
Track Name: Come the Moonlight, Come the Rain
A shape burdened with the weight of lust consumed
Makes its way to where the moon and forest meet
Among the trees which drown the silent cries
And echoed taps of tiny feet

I curse these rusted hour hands
They mark the dying times of children
Whose pleas remain unanswered

And the black soil objected not to the embracing of their souls
Never to ascend again they sink under the earth

With the moonlight come the winter rain
And from the river's murky depths
A fallen deity appears
To leave you barren
With your innocence so stained
Track Name: Lady Violet
A sense of innocence so pure
Your tender skin a deadly lure
A feeling of such bliss
Among the dying birds we kiss

She was the truth, horror everlasting
Consume the dream, make me hurt no more

A path that surely leads to grief
Your surreal stare in disbelief
Thorn-ridden skin you think you saw
Makes you forget you owe me awe

Paint the picture bleak
The innocent suffer still

I got to know you well
Again the Lady Violet breaks my will
Track Name: Beings Beyond Being
To dream of blissful harmony
Is but a dream itself
And somewhat like a sense of
Unforgiven aspirations after something
Of a greater value
Which emanates in a endless flow
From the voids which have in such a violent way
Replaced your godly eyes

Who am I to question the existence
Of a higher entity
Of beings beyond being

Oh the sights I've seen
When into the vortex swept
Where altars stand stripped bare
Of the delicious sanctity
They so proudly used to represent

No pleasant feelings in this place of mourning
Instead a masquerade of shapeless fears
Which tear the flesh
Where I had cut before myself
Track Name: A Murder of Angels
Under the dome of falsely painted heaven
Soul-tainting the salvation promised
A face awash with tears that won't be shed
When our existence is but a story never told

Rusted symbols of a cherished dawn
Tear the fleece in the seething morning
While names of the forgotten ones
Are echoed in the emptiest of chambers

Into the night
A murder of angels in flight
They come to rest upon my mind
Only to become nothing at all

Returning echoes give flesh
To visions of something
Posing as a guiding star
Among the raven-scented clouds

Shedding their skin
Into nothing
Track Name: Dogma Defiled
Chastised by the ruthless hand of god
Cultures raped on altars of belief
Synonymous with death
Their god-inspired pride
All reason cast aside

Crippled fingers grip the virgin skin
Let perversion guide this man of god
Pleasures of the flesh
Forbidden to his kin
Maggot-ridden is his soul within

In the semen of the holy baptised
Their twisted minds in forgiveness disguised

A child's cursed dream destroyed
The choir sings in praise of a forgiving lord
Never say a word
Join the lying herd
Damn your rotten soul into the void
Track Name: Omega Omnipresent
All of us too proud to accept the nearing end
All of us too weak in this world
Through which the reaper's scythe
Does rend

What is to become
Of us when all is done
Wishing just for one more breath
Feelings of denial
Disguise the fading heart
Hoping not to ever rest

A vibrant spirit in a armor of decay
Forever wishing for an eternity of days to come
It blinds itself only to be struck down
By the ominous realisation of passing time

I'll never be as close to you
As the inevitable end – omnipresent
All is laid to rest

The walls of immortality are breached
No more goals to set – in infinity we meet
All this disappears

No body to question the mind
No mind to explain the soul – the soul is dust
Dust to dust
Track Name: The Path I Cross
As do not the other casualties of war
Bring solace to a widow
Broken down by bereavement
Over her lost hero
So I don't seek salvation in the bleakness
Caused by the solitude felt by other people

Though I have fallen before
It hurts me every time
Again the pain of loss it chews the core – the soul
And marks the path I cross

Sparkling the way
To the world beyond
But heavy is the burden
Of the loved-ones gone
Track Name: Curtains Fall
All images of something beautiful, unique
Torn down from the falling towers of grace
For empty shrines of human waste
To satisfy the hunger of the blessed rest

Curtains fall
To cover the lying face of the sun
To change your god's enchanting role
And black seas swallow your salvation whole

How truly miniscule my suffering can be
When compared to the suffering of your deliverer
Your Christ seems not to care for me
I summon the eclipse and watch him wither

The point of no return can offer endless possibilities
The state of true despair the strength to gaze into the blinding blaze
A finer state of mind to recognize the dark world
Behind the curtains of deceit

I shed these tears of sorrow
I shed these tears of pain
But live in fear of that tomorrow
Might bring some unknown strain